The weathercam started it's life around 1994 as a simple outdoor temperature reading, with no archiving. The server was a 486 running FreeBSD 2.0.

By 1996 a camera was attached to give a sky view, and was updated every hour. The camera was a regular video camcorder.

In 1997, a Davis weather station (still in use) was installed, and scripts were written to parse the downloaded weather every hour, and build a web page. The camera image updated every minute and was set to archive every day at 2 pm. The server was still a 486.

Over the years there have been a few changes to the scripts and hardware. The server eventually got upgraded to a Pentium, and finally a more modern processor around 2012. It's still running the current version of Apache and FreeBSD. The camera is still a video camcorder, although it has been replaced twice now. The video capture software is Webcam32. The look of the website hasn't changed since the 1990's.

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